A day in life of a TRAC Volunteer

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I first started to volunteer at TRAC about 18 months ago initially to paint the Ascot Suite ladies toilet block, however there is some strange force that once you start at TRAC you get hooked and it won’t let you leave.Since then I have painted all the outside of the barns with the use of the cherry picker (hydraulic platform) but quickly learnt it was best to have my mobile at hand as the old girl was a bit temperamental and I was liable to get stranded at quite a height much to the amusement of the other volunteers. Since then we have been donated 14 pedaloes from Cheltenham Pittville lake which need renovating, this entailed filling holes with fibreglass filler and then sanding it all down smoothly ready for painting which is the next job.

Our day starts at approx 9 am and we are allocated the jobs for the day by our Clerk of Works Des Jackson, if we work hard enough he allows us a coffee break and a piece of cake at 11ish! The cake is generously provided by Bill & Joan Hook (both in their 80’s) who come out from Gloucester to encourage us, we then work on till about 1 when we all congregate in John & Angela’s kitchen for our packed lunch. Usually by 3.30 we are gasping for another cup of tea so tell John to “put the kettle on” after which we have the final push till 5pm when, with aching joints we go home for a nice relaxing bath.

Although it is tiring we all feel a great sense of achievement as we each see our own bits of the jigsaw fit into the overall project and especially in the summer, when we see the children enjoying themselves.

More volunteers are needed as there seems to be a never ending list of jobs to be tackled, even if you feel you have no specific abilities to offer, it is a great place to come and learn new skills you never realised you were capable of, as I have found out. Whilst we normally work from 9am till 5pm on Tuesday’s and Friday’s if you have only a few hours to spare you would be very welcome. I made the mistake one Friday, of making some bread pudding, I am now not allowed to come on a Friday unless I have made some, an added incentive to come!