A summary of booking procedures is provided below. Please communicate, where possible, via email: manager@tracnewent.org.uk

  1. We receive your requests for information, or an enquiry about availability of dates.
  2. An offer of a booking for an agreed date will be sent to you along with any documentation required. This date is held for 7 days and will only be held beyond that if a deposit is received.
  3. You return the ‘Initial Booking Form’ to us with any estimated numbers etc.
  4. A booking confirmation letter is sent out to you.
  5. The initial deposit invoice is sent to you covering 10% of estimated total or £100.00 whichever is greater. Receipt of this payment fixes your booking.
    This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    At managers discretion this may be refunded if an alternative booking of similar size is booked in your cancelled slot.
  6. A second invoice is sent out to you 7 weeks prior to arrival to bring your deposit up to 50% of estimated total numbers.
    This deposit is non-refundable.
    If cancellation is within 3-6 months of the booking date you will still be liable for this 50% charge even if it has yet to be invoiced.
    Non-payment of this invoice will result in loss of the initial deposit and your booking dates may be released to another enquirer.
  7. A refundable damages deposit invoice is sent out at same time as second deposit invoice. This must be paid 7 days before arrival, ideally on receipt of the invoice.
  8. You return the ‘Bedroom and Facilities Booking Template’ to us no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival.
  9. Your confirmation of numbers allows us to issue your final invoice which must be paid before you arrive.
  10. You arrive and hopefully have an amazing time at TRAC.
  11. When you leave, we check for damages and discuss any that we find with you. We hold refund of the Damages Deposit for 7 days in case anything new comes to light.
  12. If no damages are found, then your deposit will be refunded within 7 days of departure. If any damages are highlighted, then the deposits minus the costs will be refunded. If damages exceed the deposit amount you will be invoiced for the balance.
  13. Any adjustment in final numbers will be added to the refund or deducted from the damages deposit as required or a separate invoice will be created for immediate payment.
  14. Hopefully you tell everyone what an amazing time you had and what a terrific place this is and book to come back again. If you are not happy about anything, tell us. Bookings for the following year can take place at this point. Bookings are first come first served.

Please refer to the 'Booking & Cancellation Policy' section our our Terms and Conditions for full details of the cancellation policy

"A really enjoyable day was had by all, and I certainly haven’t laughed like that whilst at work in years. You truly have a lovely site and one that I hope we can utilise in the future." Nicola NOLAN, Police Sergeant 1560, Aston Project, Community Harm Reduction, Gloucestershire Constabulary