Come and Join us in this satisfying and rewarding essential role as one of our volunteers. Contact the centre manager now and talk about how you might become a part of the team!

Visitors to TRAC all comment on the quality of the facilities, and this is due to the diligence and hard work of the volunteer workforce without whom none of this would be possible. Everything here has been built and maintained by our volunteers, from the gardening through to the building projects and the maintenance of the grounds and equipment.

There is a continuing requirement for volunteers to become a part of this exciting project. We would welcome anyone to join the team and would ask that you continue to pray that we see new blood joining us in the coming year.

It is a rewarding role with ample opportunity to expand skill sets and to experience the fulfilment of seeing plans come to fruition. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining the work parties on Tuesdays and Fridays or indeed at any other time if these days are not available for you.

Volunteers are involved at every level from simple labouring, painting and decorating, basic maintenance and the overall upkeep of the site including gardening through tasks such as administration, grounds maintenance and electrical and mechanical maintenance to project management, building the new facilities and future developments as we expand and improve on what is on offer.

Everything that you see at TRAC has been designed and built from the ground up over the last decades by the volunteers. This is a very rewarding opportunity for you to be able to use your skills or to develop new ones and to work in a happy environment amongst likeminded people, making new friends and gaining that satisfaction of a job well done.

"A Lovely day. So much fun. TRAC is a great place, full of adventure. It has been an amazing venue for getting to know each other better and to see families relax and bond with each other. Thanks from the team" TLG Family Faith Fun Day