General Fees – 2023

Indoor Accommodation (Including all indoor campers and the new lodges)

£17.50 + VAT = £21.00 per person, per day

Please bring pillow(s), pillowcases and sheets and duvets or a sleeping bag unless a bedding pack has been arranged at extra cost – See Bedding Policy below).

Outdoor Camping

£13.25 + VAT = £15.90 per person, per day

Please bring sleeping bags, pillows, or warm gear as required. Please note that it is colder outside at night than many people anticipate. Please bring extra warm gear. Bedding packs are not available for camping, but a sleeping bag can be hired if you have forgotten to bring one (See Bedding Policy below).

Day Visitors to a Residential Group

£11 + VAT = £13.20 per person, per day

Half days are not normally permitted but if your group is booked for indoor accommodation, camping or a full day visit then consideration may be given to charging a half day (£7.60) for short term visitors joining the main camp.

Day Visitors without a Residential Booking

£11 + VAT = £13.20 per person, per day

Half days are not normally permitted but this will be at the manager discretion.

Timber Lodges - Leader's Lodge

Please note that the Leaders Lodge will continue to not always be available, as it may be in use by the relief manager in certain circumstances. Please check for availability before considering this as part of your booking.

Room allocations MUST include at least one responsible adult in the lodge. It should not be used as an overflow for the children without adult supervision.

Booking is made via the ‘Bedroom and Facilities Booking Template’ following liaison with the centre manager to confirm availability.

Use of the Leaders Lodge will remain at the standard indoor accommodation rates, but a supplement determined by overall booking numbers will be charged for hire of this to cover the additional features that this contains and the extra costs of operation.

An additional charge of £15.00 per night will be charged to all users hiring the Leaders Lodge. This supplement will be in addition to the standard per person day rates for indoor accommodation.

If there are less than 30 people in the main accommodation, then this charge will rise to £20.00 per night. (This assumes no-one using the camping lodges)

The Leaders Lodge Supplement may be waived if the total booking for indoor accommodation is greater than 45 people including those in the lodge or if the combined indoor / outdoor accommodation booking exceeds 60.

Timber Lodges - Accommodation Lodges

Use of the Accommodation Lodges will remain at the standard indoor accommodation rates unless specified otherwise.

A daily supplement of £30 per lodge will apply where less 30 persons are using the indoor accommodation.

This same supplement will also be levied if a lodge is less than 50% occupied (i.e. less than 3 persons in each room). Regardless of how many are in the indoor accommodation.

Should there be less than 30 persons in the main accommodation and the lodge is also less than 50% occupied then the supplement increase to £50 per night.

Minimum Booking Fees

A minimum booking fee of £528.00 per night applies to all overnight bookings with a minimum of 2 nights stay (£440.00 Ex Vat). This equates to a minimum booking of 25 people per night at the revised indoor accommodation rate for 2 nights.

A minimum booking fee of £330.00 will apply for day visits (£275.00 Ex VAT).

Costs will be calculated at a per person rate in all circumstances with the minimum fee applying when numbers are lower.

Conference Centre / Meeting Room Booking

From October 2022 the conference centre / meeting room will not automatically be included in the booking price for TRAC and must be booked by selecting the appropriate box on the Initial Booking form available on the downloads page.

This is due to the fact that in the past we have heated this large space when it is not used, and also the extra cleaning when it is often not used as a meeting space.

We do not want to discourage groups who need this space from using it but in the light of the call from many for all of us to reduce waste and help the environment, we want to reduce the unnecessary costs involved when this facility is not required.

Users will be able to book the facility at any time up until or upon arrival.

Costs for hire of the conference / meeting room IF BOOKED AS PART OF PRIMARY BOOKING are as follows (Please contact us for external function hire prices):

1/2 Day Hire (4 hours – minimum booking) = £18.00 (£15.00 Ex VAT)
Day Hire (8 hours) = £36.00 (£30.00 Ex VAT)
Weekend Hire (Friday 1400 – Sunday 1200) = £54.00 (£45.00 Ex VAT)
Part Week Hire (Up to 5 days, 4 nights) = £84.00 (£70.00 Ex VAT)
Week Hire (Up to 7 days, 6 nights) = £108.00 (£90.00 Ex VAT)


We will no longer be providing a sheet and a pillow with pillowcase as standard part of your booking. These are often not used as people bring sleeping bags and their own pillows, so we are preparing and washing these unnecessarily.

As part of our drive to minimise impact on the environment and unnecessary cost WE WILL ONLY BE PROVIDING SHEETS, PILLOWCASES AND PILLOWS AS PART OF PREARRANGED BEDDING PACKS, which must be booked using the “Bedroom and Facilities Booking Template”.

2 options will be available:

OPTION 1: A ‘Simple Bedding Pack’ containing a sheet, a pillow and a pillowcase can be provided for a cost of £5.00 per pack per visit. If a bed change is required during longer visits then this will be provided at the same cost.

OPTION 2: An ‘Enhanced Bedding Pack’ containing a pillow, pillowcase and a Duvet with cover or a sleeping bag at a cost of £10.00 per pack per visit.

In all other cases visitors will be required to bring their own sheets and pillows/pillowcases along with the current requirement to bring your own blankets, duvets or sleeping bags.


If visitors fail to bring their own sheets etc then the simple pack MUST be used and THE EXTRA CHARGE WILL BE APPLIED.

Outdoor campers cannot book a bedding pack, but if a sleeping bag is required because someone has forgotten one, then a charge of £5.00 will be levied for hire of this.

Camping Toilet and Shower Block

The outdoor toilet block will normally be available for use, however only hot water to the basins will be available, unless we have people camping. During the winter months the central heating and hot water for showers will only be available if the lodges are in use.

An additional charge will be made if the central heating or hot water for showers is requested in the toilet block at any other time.

Additional Activities available but not included

Archery instructors can be provided by TRAC by prior arrangement and at an extra cost of £15.00 per instructor per hour; the minimum number required will depend on the number of users and the availability of instructors.

Stand Up Paddle Boards, Canoes and other water activities can be provided through a 3rd party if required.


TRAC is a self-service facility where we provide the site, the equipment and the other facilities and you are responsible for managing and running all the activities for your camp.

Where this is not convenient, we are able to organise aspects of the camp for you using third party organisations with whom we have relationships. These include catering (including picnic lunches and BBQs), instructors for specialist activities such as boating or raft building and Archery, and we can even arrange for a planned set of activities to be managed on your behalf.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Clients at TRAC are usually responsible for cleaning and clearing up before departure. Where this is not convenient we are able to arrange for a full package that includes cleaning at the end of the camp or at any point throughout. Prices for these services are determined by what you require.

Please ask if you need anything extra or special and we will work with you to provide what you need.

You will remain responsible for the children in your care and suitable staffing and liability insurance will need to be in place to cover this.

We are not able to run independent camps without your staff attendance.

Conditions of Booking

NO electrical items may be brought to site and used unless the manager agrees and can be shown proof that the items have either passed a PAT (portable Appliance Test ) & Inspection within the previous 12 months, or can show proof that the item is less than 12 months old. Any items (e.g. phone chargers) agreed to by the manager MUST be unplugged when not in use. Any items found onsite outside of these conditions will be confiscated and held until the owner(s) leaves the site.

Under no circumstances should additional standalone heaters be brought to site for safety reasons.

Anyone found to be abusing or deliberately damaging property or equipment, will be asked to leave the site immediately.

Bookings, Enquiries & Procedures

Please refer to Booking Proceedures for the full process.

Once an enquiry has been received, assuming that the requested dates are available, we will make you an offer of the booking and pencil these into the diary. We will then hold these dates for 7 days to allow time for consideration. After this time, we cannot guarantee that your dates will be held. Further communication will extend this time at managers discretion. Bookings will be completed on a first come first served basis so early communication is advised.

Once you have informed us of your intent to book by returning the Initial Booking Form your booking will be held for a further 7 days pending return of your deposit payment.

By paying the deposit you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: Bookings are on a ‘first come first served’ basis and are only held once the deposit is received. Deposits are normally non-refundable. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy (see below) for details regarding deposits and cancellations.

Cancellation Policy

Full details in the Terms and Conditions Of Booking

The initial booking deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable unless we are able to re-sale the original dates.

Cancellation between 3 and 6 calendar months of the booked start date, will be invoiced at 50% of the minimum booking fee, which will be applied as a daily rate for a minimum of 2 nights booking.

Cancellation less than 3 calendar months before the booked start date, then the full minimum fee will be invoiced, which will be applied as a daily rate for a minimum of 2 nights booking.

Note: if a sizeable booking is received to fill the dates that you originally held then consideration will be given to refunding but ONLY if an alternative booking on those dates is forthcoming.

Site Timings

We would normally ask that you do not arrive on site before 1500 in order to give us time to ensure that all is ready for you

We would also normally ask you to clear the bedrooms by 1000 on the day of departure if requested to by the manager, and the site by 1200.

This is to allow us sufficient time in between one group leaving and the next arriving to prepare everything. These times may be adjusted at managers discretion dependant on arrival and departure of groups coming and going around your booking.

Day Visits - Arrivals from 0900 onwards and Departure before 2100 EXCEPT BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT

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