TRAC has a variety of archery equipment available for use by visitors if you have suitably qualified instructors. Please make sure your qualifications are submitted to the centre manager before use. This includes bows, arrows and a number of targets. During the summer months these are located outside by the event space on the far side of the lake and over the winter archery takes place inside the sports barn.

Visitors are welcome to use the available archery equipment if they have sufficient numbers of qualified instructors to supervise. Alternatively, TRAC are able to supply instructors for pre-arranged sessions at a nominal extra cost. Instructors can manage up to 4 archers each and recommended sessions are for 30 minutes. 3 Instructors per session are recommended to permit up to 12 archers to shoot per 30-minute session. This will ensure that 24 people per hour have the opportunity to learn. Price for 3 instructors for 1 hour is £45.00 (£15.00 each per hour).