We have a large (13 metres x 7 metres) dedicated Lounge/Chill-out zone on the first floor of the Sports Barn with a Stannah stair lift for access by those with limited mobility.

This contains functional but reasonably comfortable seating, low tables and a small kitchen area for hot drinks. It has 2 pool / snooker tables, a large air hockey table, table football and a table tennis table.

There is a large screen TV for watching movies on the wall. PLEASE NOTE that this TV is not connected to a digital signal and has had all internet access cut off. This is to prevent inappropriate content being viewed. If DTV is required, then a digital aerial can be signed out from the Centre Manager. This must be returned after every session.

Direct access to the internet is also restricted on this TV and should be made via a group leader’s laptop, which can be connected to the same HDMI lead that the DVD is attached to (i.e., remove from back of DVD and place in laptop). Please return this to the back of the DVD after use.

There is a built-in sound system where Audio from the 6 disc CD player or a laptop or a media player that you supply can be connected via a mini jack (headphones) lead, which is in the AV cupboard.