The conference suite and meeting room is an area approximately 12m wide x 13m long (40Ft x 42.5Ft approximately). It is fitted with a PA system with wall mounted speakers and a 16 Channel mixing desk fed via a multi-core cable from a stage box mounted on the wall at the ‘stage’ end. There are also 4 foldback/monitor return channels. You will need to bring powered/amplified monitor speakers to use these.

There is an HDMI input point on the wall at the front and another in the sound cupboard for connection of a laptop or DVD player or any other video source.

A Blu-ray DVD player is located in the sound cupboard. There is also an input available for a media player in the sound cupboard.

We have 2 handheld radio mics and 6 Sure SM58 mics with stands available for your use. There are also 4 DI boxes available for you to use. Anything else you will need to bring.

High Speed Internet on Wi-Fi is available throughout all buildings and across some of the fields.

One of our customers has left an electric piano that you can also use and there is an electronic organ available as well.

A drop down projector is located in the ceiling and a screen can be dropped when required.

Please note that all equipment brought onto site must have up to date PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) certification or be under 1 year old.