Timber Leaders Lodge

The new Leaders Lodge is now available as additional indoor accommodation. This facility has a twin bedroom with attached en-suite shower and toilet and a living / dining / kitchen area with a fold down double sofa bed, small kitchenette, a fold up dining table with 4 chairs and even a TV. A Lodge Layout Diagram can be found here »

The kitchen is not normally expected to be in use by guests and has been added to allow this facility to be used by the relief manager when the centre manager is on annual leave or otherwise away.

This means that as standard an extra 3-4 guests can use this facility, but there is plenty of space to add between 3-4 extra z-beds to increase the usage to up to 8.

Please note that the Leaders Lodge must be occupied by at least one adult. An additional supplement may be applied for hire of this facility. Details can be found on the Fees and Conditions Page.

The Leaders Lodge will be linked to the other Accommodation Lodges with an optional sounder that will activate when the door on any of the other lodges is opened. This will allow leaders to keep track of the other lodge residents if required.

Timber Accommodation Lodges

These are being constructed for completion in late spring / early summer 2023. Please confirm availability before booking these.

They will be laid out as 2 rooms separated by a central corridor at the end of which will be a toilet. Note: There are no showers in these lodges. Shower facilities will be available in the toilet / shower block adjacent to the camping field around which the lodges are constructed.

Each lodge will initially contain 3 bunk beds in each room, giving 12 extra beds per lodge and a total of 48 extra once all 4 are finished. There is expected to be space for at least one extra bed space using a mattress on the floor in each room if required (tbc). A suggested lodge layout diagram can be found here »

In total the new Leaders Lodge and the 4 Accommodation Lodges will add an additional 52 – 62 beds to the total accommodation available. The total available bedspace is expected to be over 100.